What is IXIR?

IXIR is a platform that makes it easy and safe to invest in new cryptocurrency projects. It helps protect your money and rewards you for each investment. IXIR also helps new projects reach more people. In simple terms, IXIR is a beginner-friendly platform for investing in cryptocurrencies.

How does it work?

roundsIXIR allows you to invest in different cryptocurrency projects through a process called an Initial DEX Offering (IDO). There are five rounds for each investment in IXIR:
  • NFT ROUND - Only for those who own IXIR NFTs. You can invest up to 1000 USDT.
  • 2 YEAR ROUND - Only available to users that STAKE $IXIR for 2 years.
  • ALL STAKE ROUND - Open to all users who stake their $IXIR.
  • COMMUNITY PASS ROUND - For users who have staked more than 120,000 $IXIR in the 2-year pool.
  • FCFS ROUND - Open to everyone. If there's still space, you can invest up to 1000 USDT.
After participating in an IDO, a date is set for when that project will be listed. On this date, you can decide to either claim your investment or get a refund within 24 hours after the listing.


stakingPoolsThe IXIR Staking Pools play a crucial role in determining how much you can invest in each IDO round. You must have staked at least 10,000 $IXIR in one Staking Pool in order to invest in project launches. A short overview of the pools is:
90 Days Pool:
  • This pool gives 4.1% of the total calculated investment amount for each IDO.
  • This pool offers a 13.24% annual return (APY) on your Staked $IXIR amount.
  • All staked $IXIR in this pool are left in the Pool for at least 90 days.
  • If you withdraw your investment before 90 days, a 20% fee is charged.
183 Days Pool:
  • This pool gives 9.84% of the total calculated investment amount for each IDO.
  • This pool offers a 13.74% annual return (APY) on your Staked $IXIR amount.
  • All staked $IXIR in this pool are left in the Pool for at least 183 days.
  • If you withdraw your investment before 183 days, a 30% fee is charged.
360 Days Pool:
  • This pool gives 24.58% of the total calculated investment amount for each IDO.
  • This pool offers a 13.49% annual return (APY) on your Staked $IXIR amount.
  • All staked $IXIR in this pool are left in the Pool for at least 360 days.
  • If you withdraw your investment before 360 days, a 40% fee is charged.
730 Days Pool:
  • This pool grants you access to the 2 Year Stake Round for each IDO.
  • This pool gives 61.48% of the total calculated investment amount for each IDO.
  • This pool doesn’t offer any return on your Staked $IXIR amount.
  • All staked $IXIR in this pool are left in the Pool for at least 730 days.
  • If you withdraw your investment before 730 days, a 100% fee is charged.
Learn more about the IXIR Staking pools here


IXIR's Secure Listing policy protects both investors and projects. It allows you to:
  • Claim your investment according to a set schedule.
  • Get a full refund if you choose.
  • You can also partially claim and fully refund your investment.
For example, if you invested 1000 USDT in a project, with 25% on TGE, and a 3 month vesting schedule:
  • You can claim 250 USDT worth of tokens and refund the rest.
  • You can claim 500 USDT worth of tokens and refund the rest.
  • You can claim all the tokens.
  • You can refund all your money.
Your claims and refunds are your choice, but you can only do them within the set schedule.
*TGE = Token Generation Event (the day the tokens are generated and distributed to investors)


All IXIR Investors are rewarded for taking part in the IDOs. These rewards vary from 2% to 5% of your total investment, depending on the staking round.
Learn in detail about the Bonuses.

How to get an NFT?

IXIR gives NFTs to investors with large amounts of staked $IXIR. Here's how you can get an IXIR NFT:
  • Stake a Large Amount of $IXIR: IXIR gives a loyalty reward to the investors which have staked more than 500,000 $IXIR in the 2-year pool.
Benefits: Owning an IXIR NFT allows you to invest ahead of everybody else on the platform with a guaranteed allocation of 1000 USDT. Without limiting your ability to invest in the other rounds.
The NFT Round starts before all other rounds. Learn more here.

How to Get Community Passes

Community Passes give the ability for IXIR investors with large amounts of staked $IXIR a final chance to invest in a project. These passes allow early participation in the FCFS (First-Come, First-Served) investment round, before it opens to all investors. Here's how to get one:
  • Use the Community Pass Calculator: To understand how you might qualify for a Community Pass, use the calculator provided by IXIR.
  • Stake $IXIR: A general guideline is that staking about 122,000 $IXIR for two years will give you a Community Pass with a 1000 USDT allocation.
  • What is Allocation? Allocation refers to the amount you're allowed to invest in certain rounds. So, a 1000 USDT allocation means you can invest up to 1000 USDT in the Community Pass rounds.
  • Is the Allocation Guaranteed? No, the Community Pass allocation is not guaranteed, it is only available if the other Investment Rounds do not sell out the project.

Step by Step - How to use IXIR

Using the IXIR launchpad involves getting an allocation for Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs). This allocation is based on two things: how much $IXIR you have staked (invested) in pools, and if you own any IXIR NFTs or Community Passes.

Step 1 - Get Allocation

The easiest way to get allocation for the IXIR IDOs is to have staked $IXIR in any of the $IXIR staking pools.

1.1. Calculate
Staking Calculator

To find out how much allocation you can get by staking, please use our staking calculator. It has up-to-date information.

1.2. Buy $IXIR

After you have decided how many $IXIR you want to buy and stake, you need to purchase that IXIR amount from any of the available markets.
The easiest way to purchase $IXIR is through Pancakeswap.

1.3. Stake
In order to stake your purchased $IXIR first navigate to the IXIR Gain Access page.Connect WalletThen Connect your wallet by clicking the Connect button. Select your Wallet type. Enter the amount of $IXIR you want to stake on the staking tier.
Approve StakePress Approve, and Sign the Approval transaction.
Click StakeAfter the approval transaction is finished, press STAKE.
Congratulations! You've staked your $IXIR and can now invest in IDOs.
You must stake at least 10,000 $IXIR to be eligible to receive allocation.
Staking higher amounts of $IXIR allows you to receive community passes. (NOTE: Community Passes are sent out BEFORE the IDO begins)
Learn how you can earn from Participating in IXIR IDOs risk-free.

Step 2 - Participate in IDO

Once you have staked your $IXIR, you can take part in IDOs. Here's how to do it:

2.1. Visit the Launchpad Page

Go to the IXIR launchpad page to start.

Upcoming Projects

Look at the upcoming IDOS to find a project you’re interested in investing.

We first announce new deals on Telegram, then on our main site, and Twitter.
Join our Telegram to stay updated on exciting new projects.

2.2. Select an IDO to Invest In
Ongoing Projects

On the launchpad page, look at the ongoing IDOs.

Click 'View Details' on the IDO you want to invest in.

2.3. Connect Your Wallet
Connect your wallet

If you haven't connected your wallet yet, click 'Connect'.

Choose your wallet type and follow the instructions to connect it successfully.

2.4. Invest in the IDO

Once your wallet is connected, you'll see your allocation amount and the rounds you're eligible for.

Approve the Project

If your allocation round is active, enter the amount of USDT you wish to invest.

Click 'Approve', and follow the on-screen instructions to confirm your investment amount.

Input Investment Amount

After approval, click 'Invest' and sign the transaction to finalize your investment.

Congratulations! This is all it takes to participate in an IDO.
Learn how you can earn from Participating in IXIR IDOs risk-free.

Step 3 - Claim your investments (Get Tokens from Investment)

3.1. Wait for the Listing Date:

After investing in a project, wait until its listing date (the day it becomes publicly available for trading).

On this date, go to your Account Page on the IXIR platform.

3.2. Check Your Investments:

Your Account Page will show all the projects you've invested in that are ready for claiming or refunding.

3.3. Stay Informed:

Keep an eye on the exact listing dates. You can do this on your Account Page or by following our updates on Telegram and X Communities.

3.4. Decide Between Claiming or Refunding:
Claim or Refund your investment

For each project, you have two options:

  • Claim: Receive the tokens you've invested in for that vesting round.
  • Refund: Get back your invested money. Note that if you choose a refund, you can't claim tokens in future vesting rounds.

You usually have 24 hours to make this decision for each vesting round.

You must decide within 24 hours, otherwise you are assumed to have claimed that vesting round.

3.5. Process Depending on the Blockchain:

If the token is on the Binance Smart Chain:

  • Claim: You'll instantly receive your invested tokens.
  • Refund: You'll instantly get your funds back.

If the token is on another blockchain:

  • Claim: You'll need to sign a transaction on that blockchain. Make sure you have the native token of that blockchain to do so. You'll receive your tokens instantly.
  • Refund: After signing the transaction, you'll receive your funds within 24 hours.
Remember, the claiming and refunding process depends on the blockchain the token is associated with. Be prepared for different procedures based on the blockchain.


IXIR rewards its investors with additional 'BONUS' tokens from the project they invest in during each IDO (Initial DEX Offering). Here's how it works:

1. When are Bonus Tokens Given?

IXIR gives out these bonus tokens after the project is listed (becomes publicly available for trading).

2. How Much Bonus Do You Get?

The amount of bonus tokens you receive varies. It depends on the project you invest in and the investment round you have invested in.

3. Bonus Percentages by Investment Round:

Here's a breakdown of the rewards percentage for each investment round:

  • NFT Round: 5% bonus
  • 2 Year Round: 5% bonus
  • All Stake Round: 5% bonus
  • Community Pass Round:2% bonus
  • First-Come, First-Served (FCFS) Round:2% bonus

4. Claim or Refund Doesn't Affect Bonus:

Whether you decide to claim (receive the tokens you invested in) or refund (get your investment back) your investments, you will still receive the bonus tokens.